Welcome to «Ortigiashire» the island of the foreigners second house. The real estate market confirm it:

ORTIGIA is among the most sought after places in Sicily.

‘Ortigiashire’ is the new county of the British Majesty subjects. This is said by the statistics and confirmed by the real estate market experts that have been working here for 25 years.

After Chiantishire (in Tuscany) and Itriashire in Salento, ORTIGIA is the new queen of who, from abroad, want a second home in Italy. The English people with a permanent home in the city are already so many. They love the weather and it is convenient for them to buy a house here.
Few statistics: real estate sales for foreigners have started to rise again since 2014.  Until then, because of the international economic crisis, only tourism data were growing. For 3 years now, this part has intensified. It seems like something happened by accident, but actually, we and many others have been working on this for 25 years. In 1997, when our agency in Via Savoia n. 10 had just been opened, we took care of our first UK customers to purchase their 2nd home here in Ortigia; today it is a trend, for us a habit. We started, years ago, with the Ortigia Island association through the web and social networks, to intensively promote the growth and the evolution of our land territory.

This year, the report says that ORTIGIA climbed on the podium among the most sought-after places in Sicily, an increase also thanks to a well-made tourism promotion. The place itself becomes the showcase of the real estate market. A good percentage of tourists visiting a city like Siracusa have already the dream of having a second home in Italy.
Tourism is a landlord for the foreigners real estate market, which in Sicily means a few thousand requests. In Ortigia, it is almost a few hundred requests.

Statistics put first in the demands Germans then UK, United States, Belgium, Switzerland, then there is a set of IT (information technology) from Italy but this means that they are foreigners that already live in the Italian territory and are interested in viewing our website and I do not hide that requests from Saudi Arabia are beginning to come up.

Regarding the price ranges, the trend is in line with the regional one: “the demand from Euro 100.000,00 to 250.000,00 is the 60%, over 500.000,00 are 25% “.

The CHARMING view from the top of this magical old town and the SEA.An irresistible mix for tourists that in the last years have decided to buy the second home in Ortigia.

Ph Marcello Bianca