Ortigia Island Real Estate Agency

ORTIGIA ISLAND Real Estate of Giovanni Criscione born in Syracuse in 1967, after studying the dynamics of the world are passionate about real estate and services related to this. Broker and agent business since 1997. Joined to register of expert assessors and technical consultant of the Court of Syracuse. Since 2007, head of the provincial Fimaa – Italian Federation of Business Brokers Agents of Syracuse in 2014 in co-working with the brand Ortigia Island working to growth and to evolution of the territory of Syracuse | Ortigia-UNESCO-World Heritage, creating Ortigia Island Real Estate . The multi-disciplinary role of mediator, attention to technical-evolving regulatory and active engagement on the front of Ethics and Conduct of the profession, characterize the services of our agency.

The goal is to provide business consulting and real estate brokerage complete with professional competence and courtesy in order to ensure the transparency of business. The team of Ortigia Island Real Estate will be pleased to find the best solution for your needs.

Ortigia Island from Federico Zanghì on Vimeo.

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